Bob MacLeod • Computer Consultant

MacLeod Computer Systems is owned by computer consultant Bob MacLeod, and is located in Santa Barbara, California. We have offered a variety of computer products and services to the local business community since 1980. Working primarily in the central coast area of California, we deliver complete, ready to use systems to our client's offices. Here is an overview of our offerings:

Complete Computer Systems

Lots of companies will sell you a computer in a box. You then need to set it up, install your application software and learn how to use it at a time when you have very little (if any) familiarity with either the new hardware or software. MacLeod Computer Systems, on the other hand, sells systems that are set up and ready to use. We very carefully configure each computer, install all your programs, and set up the system in your office. We then give you personalized instruction on its use and are available for followup support whenever needed.

Hardware Sales

We have carefully chosen products to sell that we have found to be top quality and reasonably priced. If the best possible price is your major goal, please look elsewhere. We do not have the buying power of the large chains and mail-order houses. However, we price our products fairly and we offer setup and installation services second to none. For a listing of our major hardware products, click on the "Hardware" button on the left side of the screen.

Telephone Systems

The telephone industry is in the midst of a major revolution, both for home and business users. The transformation from traditional analog systems to digital VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is ongoing and it is prudent for any new or upgraded phone system to use the new standards. The benefit in reduced (or eliminated) long distance charges is dramatic and the voice quality is equal or superior to traditional analog phones. We sell VoIP phones, mini-PBX systems (for businesses with up to about 20 users) and are a dealer for a business-grade provider of VoIP services. For more information, click on the "Telephones" button on the left side of the screen.

Internet Web Hosting

In addition to setting up computers and local networks, we also provide complete web design services and web site hosting. We provide complete and personalized service at very reasonable rates. Click on the "Web Hosting" button for more information.